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There are lots of discussions happening on the mobile phone usage by children. Technology provides solution to the day to day problems. If you are attached to it and don't know how to be in control, then the same technology will be a pollutant for your growth. There are lot of pros and cons surrounding the buzz 'mobile phone for children'. It's essential to have a basic research and decide for yourself. Obviously mobile phones are bane in terms of financial expense that cause and the mobile bills for a child is directly proportional to the age until he or she turns twenty five.


Increased usage of mobile phones by children will lead to several ill effects. Some fact tells that the ion content inside the body which is a part of fluid portion of human body varies according to the age. Children seem to have highest levels of ion content in their body. As we all know, electromagnetic signals that is mobile phone signals pass easily through it if the content is ionized. It can easily pass through a child's brain than an adult. Still extensive researches are going on to prove the effects of mobile radiation in humans. So, it does not mean we have to till they arrive at a decision.


These two are the two main reasons quoted by health consultants to avoid mobile usage by children. Even when children are not using mobile phones, it is beneficial to maintain some distance between infants and mobile devices. Prolonged exposure to mobile radiation may prove hazardous to the children with the brain activity rate being detrimental and intellect being blunt. This may lead to several psychological effects inside the children. Some children naturally will have strong defending mechanism inside but others are really vulnerable even to slight change in the body.

It is a proven and an experimented fact that if a tissue is vulnerable and exposed to a strong radiation, the characteristic of the tissue will change dramatically which will alter the basic phenomenon's like body metabolism and turn the cells carcinogenic. This result in cancer developed in a particular organ. Mobile rays emitted have a strong relation with the development of brain tumor when compared with other kinds of cancers. Even though researches are made and scientists are warning about the effects, numbers of persons using mobile phones has not decreased. Find more info on sell my iphone here .

With the kind of environment we are living in, where we are facing child trafficking and kidnaps on a day to day basis, mobile phones have helped the parents a lot. These little devices have enabled the parents to track the location of their children with the push of a button. On the negative side, teaches are complaining that students who are using mobile phones pay less attention to the lectures. They tend to check the mobile for messages in the middle of the lecture. Few children are said to attend the calls, in the middle of the lectures which create disturbance for other students too!